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Character Stevie
Gender Male
Race Merman
Occupation N/A
Status Alive
Family Richard (father)

Lisa (mother)

Bob (younger brother)

Laura (younger sister)

Junior (younger brother)

Lenny (younger brother)

Lynn (baby brother)

Maurice (uncle)

Lola (aunt)

Maya (cousin)

Oggy (cousin)

Leon (cousin)

Letta (grandmother)

Horase (grandfather)

Appearances The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen

Stevie is a supporting character and the love interest of Adella in The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning.


Adella has a crush on him in The Little Mermaid 3. He wears a shark tooth around his neck.

His name is mentioned in a scene when the girls wake Ariel up. When Aquata ask Ariel if she was out because of a boy, Adella says that she's two years older than Ariel and that the only boy she's gotten close to kissing is Stevie. However, Andrina calls him "fish-lips Stevie" but Adella corrects her and says that it was only a dare.

He is first seen when King Triton and his daughters do the morning ritual. As King Triton approaches, he and another blue-tailed merboy get out of the way to let them pass. They put their arms behind their back and vow down to them. Adella is seen nervously looking at him when Ariel breaks a piece of sea-weed. The sea-weed tickles Ariel's throat. He is seen smiling at Adella. Adella touches her hair and they both smile. Ariel notices and decides to tickle her sister. Adella overreacts and his smile fades into disappointment.

Adella kissing Stevie

During "I will sing", Adella taps his right shoulder,and he turns. As he turns back again, Adella leans for kiss and they do after her turns. Behind Adella, a mermaid gets mad after he cheers for the kiss. Apparently she liked him as well.

Lastly he is seen after Ariel offers Triton a dance, Aquata starts dancing and everyone follows her lead. Stevie is seen dancing between Arista, in front of him, and Adella behind him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stevie has light brown hair and dark green eyes. He also has a moss-green tail and fins. Although of his tail color. when all the merpeople are seen dancing in the palace, his tail is shown to be peach. This can be proven because he is dancing with Adella and the girl that got mad, is behind Adella. Stevie wears a shark-tooth in a necklace around his neck, he is also shown to be somewhat muscular, maybe because he's a merman and has muscles do to the swimming.


  • He is the only cameo character to actually have a name.