The Little Mermaid

Pearl is a character from The Little Mermaid animated series. She is voiced by Cree Summer.


In her second appearance in episode "Eel-ectric City", Pearl shows up at the palace to pick up Alana, who has been invited to a party at her house. Ariel is shocked and impressed when Pearl comments that her parents allow her to do as she pleases, and is invited to join them. As they are leaving, Pearl spies Triton's new chariot and coerces Ariel into driving the three mermaids in it while she gives directions. After a few minutes, Alana notes that they are not heading for Pearl's house; they are instead going to Eel-ectric City, a party town reminiscent of Las Vegas, where Pearl is going to meet a few friends.

They arrive and are having a fairly good time until a gang known as the "Orange Roughies" shows up. Pearl taunts them, then challenges them to a chariot race. Ariel and Alana try to reason with Pearl, but she wants to see the race through to the end. They start the race, but quickly lose control of the chariot in the rush of the current. It is only Ariel's quick thinking and the timely appearance of Triton that saves them. Pearl is shocked that her parents bothered coming, but happy that they cared about her. Her mother states that she will be keeping a closer eye on her daughter from now on.

Personality & Appearance

Pearl takes advantage of her parents kindness to let her do what she wants. She has blonde hair tied in a ponytail by a blue hair ornament.

Pearl wears a blue seashell bikini top (which has extra light blue "frill" to it) that matches her tail color. She also wears rust-colored accessories. Her thrill-seeking actions often lead to Ariel, as well as herself, getting in trouble. She wears a spotted cone seashell on her head with her ponytail through it, symbolizing a party hat and her love of parties.