Glut the Shark
Name Glut
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Gender Male
Race Shark
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Status Unknown
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Appearances The Little Mermaid
Voiced By Frank Welker

Glut the shark is a male great white shark who appears in the first film of the Little Mermaid.


While Ariel and Flounder were searching for items in a sunken ship, Glut has circled around the ship a few times. Glut peaked in the window and saw Ariel and Flounder. Glut then breaks in and attacks them. Ariel nearly lost her collection from Glut. When Ariel and Flounder got out of the ship, the shark breaks through. When Flounder accidentally bumped into a mast of the ship, he lost consciousness. Ariel swims down through an anchor and catches Flounder. Glut then charges at them to get ready to eat them! However, Ariel and Flounder quickly move and Glut ended up getting stuck in the anchor. Ariel then swam up with her collection and Flounder calls the shark a big bully and makes raspberry-like spitting noises at the shark. Glut then scares Flounder by trying to bite him, scaring the fish away.

It is unknown what became of Glut. However, he presumably drowned, because sharks have to constantly need to move in order to live. Although he might have got himself loose (since sharks are pretty strong) sometime later and probably went out to search for bigger prey.


Glut can also be seen in the TV series. In the intro, a family of great white sharks (that look like Glut) attacked Ariel and Flounder, but Triton zaps the sharks. Some sharks (that look exactly like Glut) appear in the episode Whale of a Tale.

Video GamesEdit

Glut is a mini boss in Kingdom Hearts.

He is also the first boss in The Little Mermaid GBA.


  • He is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Glut's name isn't mentioned in Kingdom Hearts or the film.